Monday, October 17, 2016

Titleist: Finding the Best Golf Ball for Your Game

Are you interested in finding the right Titleist for your game? This is how a fitting works.

By Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

Our Titleist golf ball fitting vans reach thousands of golfers a year at our fittings across the nation. But how exactly do we help you find the right Titleist for your game?

The other week we shared with you the story of Lou and Patrick, and today we have the story of Carol and one of our fitting experts, Emma Clegg.

Here is how the session unfolded.

Step 1: Game assessment and golf ball selection.

Our fitting teams always begin with listening to the player’s performance objectives and personal preference. They will cover a variety of topics from improving short game control to more distance off the tee.

“There were three things that jumped out at me right away during my conversation with Carol that helped guide the fitting and, ultimately, my golf ball recommendation for her,” explained Emma. The key takeaways that came from Carol’s game assessment were:
- Carol is an avid golfer who loves the game and aspires to play better (she is currently a 22 handicap).
- Carol typically plays a different manufacturer’s “women’s golf ball,” as she assumed that as a female golfer she would benefit from a ball designed specifically for women.
- The biggest weakness in Carol’s game is that she has difficulty holding the green on her approach and pitch shots.

“At Titleist, we don’t make golf balls specifically for men or golf balls specifically for women. We make golf balls for golfers, and all of our golf balls are designed to deliver performance regardless of gender, age, or ability,” explained Emma. Golf balls branded “Women’s” or “Lady” are typically two-piece Surlyn covered golf balls that are low spinning on all shots, and therefore can be difficult to control on shots into and around the green.

Emma and Carol also discussed how the Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are designed for any golfer seeking to shoot lower scores. One of the key takeaways - they are the total package and provide exceptional distance, while delivering superior scoring shot spin and control, and optimized flight characteristics. Pro V1 and Pro V1x feature a patented thermoset urethane elastomer cover that delivers the best short game spin and control in the game and a very soft feel.

Step 2: Green-to-tee on course evaluation

Emma recommended that Carol go through an on-course green-to-tee evaluation with Pro V1x as her primary recommendation, due to superior short game spin, higher launch and steeper angle of descent. As an alternative, Emma suggested Carol play Pro V1 for superior short game spin and soft feel. Carol should compare these side-by-side with her current “women’s” golf ball and focus primarily on how she is able to control each ball on shots into and around the green.

“I am confident that with the urethane cover on Pro V1 and Pro V1x, you will notice a significant improvement in your ability to hold the green on your approach shots and better control your short game shots,” Emma told Carol.

At the end of the session, Emma provided Carol with a 2-ball sample of Pro V1x and Pro V1 to test on the golf course and confirm which model is best for her game.

Step 3: Putting your new ball in play

One of the final pieces of advice our team always shares is the importance of always using the same model golf ball. When you do, you’ll eliminate performance variation, build confidence and consistency, and most of all, shoot lower scores.

Click HERE for more information on golf ball fittings and to find upcoming fitting opportunities in your area.

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