Wednesday, October 5, 2016

EagleWatchGolf Debuts Mobile Application for iOS, Android Devices

The Golf Performance Platform Offers Winning Launch Jackpot for Users Through Oct. 15

(Lexington, KY) – Today, EagleWatchGolf (EWG) launches a new mobile application, available on iOS and Android platforms, making the patented online platform that provides cash prizes for golfers who make extraordinary shots even more convenient for players nationwide.

The first-of-its-kind technology, EWG provides players with the opportunity to test their own performance on par-3 holes, for a chance to win large cash payouts in four different ways. The low-risk, high-reward platform enhances the sport’s competitive factor, in turn creating fresh excitement for golfers and participating courses around the country.

To celebrate the EWG mobile app debut, from Wednesday, October 5 through Saturday, October 15, EWG is offering double payouts for two different shots, including Within the Flagpole and Within Two Feet. Additionally, the current Hole-in-One jackpot stands at $8,150, making now an incredibly worthwhile time for new and existing users to give EWG a shot.

“The EagleWatchGolf mobile application takes the game of golf to the next level, providing a simple and exhilarating way for players and courses to up the ante,” says EagleWatchGolf CEO, Clint McKinley. “Our goal is to continue to invigorate the game and provide new ways for players to challenge themselves and benefit from it.”

The EWG application allows participants to register to play at participating courses, view the current hole-in-one jackpot, browse participating courses, add or withdraw funds within their account and track rounds they’ve played. The mobile application is the latest development in the brand’s sophisticated platform, which utilizes a patented technology within high-definition cameras to record and authenticate shots at each hole, making both course and player participation simple and profitable.  

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