Monday, October 31, 2016

Product Review: Under Armour Gameday Sunglasses

For years, I thought I was serious about sun safety on the golf course. My sunburned neck, nose and forehead were replaced by hats and SPF 30. Problem solved, right? Wrong. I was still subjecting my eyes to the sun’s brutality.

Next step: Find a pair of sunglasses. That was easier said than done, however. I found that most sunglasses - even high-priced golf-specific shades - were distorting my vision. Golf is hard enough without trying to hit a moving target.

Multiple failed experiments led to a bit of frustration, but I didn’t give up. My persistence was rewarded when I came across the Game Day lens collection from Under Armour. We looked at the Octane ($114.99) and Igniter 2.0 ($89.99) models.

First, and foremost, all Under Armour Performance Eyewear lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB & UVC rays. Wear these and your eyes or protected.

Next, both models feature ArmourSight lens technology. According to the company, this delivers up to 20 percent more undistorted peripheral vision. They’re also stronger than ordinary polycarbonate lenses and are coated to guard against scratches and smudges.

So you’re happy that your sight won’t be impaired and thrilled that your eyes will be protected from harmful rays ... But your face is round, or narrow, or your nose is big, or crooked. Or worse, you’re a sweaty mess on the course. Under Armour has you covered.

These frames come equipped with an adjustable, self-ratcheting nose pad and “AutoGrip” temples for a custom and secure fit. Bonus: A flared temple tip design for easy slide-on comfort and hat compatibility. No more scratching the side of your face while trying to put your shades on with one hand.

Protection: Check. Performance: Check. Comfort: Check. Now, take your credit card to or your nearest sporting goods store and grab a pair of these sunglasses for yourself or the golfer on your Christmas list.

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