Thursday, October 20, 2016

Product Review: Teecil

What Bennifer did for celebrity couples ... What PB&J did for kids’ lunch ... Could Teecil do for golf? Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, peanut butter, jelly - make room for tee and pencil.

The father-son team of Stephen Squillante Jr. and Sr. are the brains behind this clever combination. Dad would golf with a tee behind one ear and and a pencil behind the other. More times than not, he’d reach for the wrong one when recording a score or teeing up a ball, driving the son crazy. Out of frustration came inspiration - the Teecil.

So, what is Teecil? It’s what you’d expect - a standard, 3.25-inch wooden tee that just so happens to also have a graphite point. Simple, yet brilliant.

Need another reason to try Teecil? How many times have you gotten off the first green and realized that nobody in the group had a pencil to record the scores? I’m guessing everyone had tees. All it takes is for one to know about Teecil and the dreaded “no-pencil problem” is null and void.

Look, my brother-in-law used to play with a chipper - a chipping iron that resembled a putter. That’s a good example of a golf combination that failed. At the opposite end of the spectrum sits the Teecil.

Order your Teecils HERE. Get them plain, with the company tag line and website or personalized with up to three lines and 22 characters per line. They make a great gift or promotional item. You can even get a bag of 10 personalized Teecils with your company card topper - perfect for tournament sponsorships.

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