Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting to Know: Bryan Hepler of Tathata Golf

American Golfer: Why did you decide to enter the golf market?
Bryan Hepler: It has been my unwavering passion to bring a way to learn, play and enjoy the game at a pace never before seen. I have been developing the Tathata Golf mind, body, and swing training for over 30 years. We have spent the last six years testing it on all skill levels, ages, and body types. We wanted to be assured that as we brought this forward that it would be revealed as truth and stand the test of time for years to come.

AG: How did you decide on the Tathata Golf name?
BH: The word Tathata means “suchness,” a sense of all knowing … I have trained in many different disciplines that utilized this word this is part of this lifetime. As one knows who trains with us, the essence of Tathata Golf is to share this “all-knowing” and give everyone a way to train and touch upon his or her own “suchness” ... their own sense of all-knowing as one stands to their next shot. In short the name is true to my heart, training, and our beliefs. It is a part of our essence. The name, logo is not to be looked at as a marketing ploy … Although it speaks to SE Asia. We have always said that Tathata Golf will move forward in this moment if we are brave enough to see it. As it is meant to be. To stand the test of time we needed to be bigger than just a short sided, trendy name or play off of my name - Bryan Hepler, this or that. No one needs to or truly wants to get behind a person as much as find the strength to know who “they” are and get behind themselves, their own authentic greatness. That is a part of Tathata training and why thousands of people around the world are smiling a little more and sensing the moments ahead may just be better that they have ever been.

Example: All knowing … Imagine the next time you teach someone to ride a bike or drive a car. When do you want them to be safe enough in their “knowing” to never look down at their feet placements again? Imagine a game where we give all golfers a way to never look at their foot placement again. We would never want a child to NOT know where his or her feet are and doubt their placement. We have never taken the time or care to give golfers a sense of “their” all-knowing.

AG: What’s your favorite thing about being in the golf business?
BH: The passion that so many golfers have for the game, and the resounding willingness to say, “There must be a better way to learn.” I have been amazed with all the top PGA and LPGA Pros that have come running to support Tathata Golf. The industry has overwhelmingly been thanking us for bringing this forward now. I am honored every day to have so much loving care and support through the entire industry. I did not know the depth of the suffering inside the industry. I am pleased that in our little way we can alleviate some of the confusion in learning this incredible game and provide a way to protect all golfers from random fixes, quick tips, and countless contradictions within golf instruction.

AG: When did you start playing golf?
BH: Age 12 with my father, Russ Hepler

AG: What’s your “dream foursome” (living or dead, golfer or non-golfer)?
BH: Jack Nicklaus (18 majors), Patty Burg (15 Majors), Bobby Jones and Arnold Palmer. On their best day … What a moment that would be.

AG: What course tops your “bucket list” to play?
BH: St. Andrews Golf Club

AG: What’s the future of Tathata Golf?
BH: Tathata Golf is positioned to stand the test of time. With that said, we see people all around the world coming to our training programs and getting better, as well as industry leaders wanting to be a part of our business. We see the game of golf already shifting and we see Tathata Golf as the industry standard throughout the world.

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