Monday, October 3, 2016

Product Review: Tin Cup 'Tour Line'

Tin Cup, a stainless steel ball-marking device, was first introduced in 2009. With myriad options - from patriotism (national flags) to passion (cards), animals (dog, gator, bear, etc.) to attitude (smiley face) or affiliation (college) - the company has offered a plethora of choices.

Ever since, golfers have been showing a little personality by how they mark their ball. With the popularity of alignment markings for lining up putts and tee shots, however, you’d think Tin Cup would offer a straight line. Right? I guess that was easier said than done, according to the company’s president, Cabell Fooshe.

“We have worked hard on perfecting this new addition to our product line,” Fooshe said in a release. “It sounds easy creating a straight line in a curved piece of steel, but we went through many variations until we got it 100 percent right.”

So, years in the making, Tin Cup has introduced the ‘Tour Line’ stencil, which fits a standard permanent ink pen, as well as the ultra fine permanent ink pen.

I’m always surprised when I’m playing with someone new and find out they don’t mark their ball with anything ... not even a dot. “Why go through the trouble?” they ask. Or “I’m not playing on the PGA Tour.” they say with snark.

Imagine this: You and your playing partner push your drives toward a lake. One ball sits safely on the edge, while the other has found the hazard. Unfortunately, you’re playing the same ball, same number. Who’s dry and who’s wet? Had you both placed a distinguishing mark on the ball, there would be no issue.

The rules of golf state you must be able to identify your ball ... why not do it in style? Many place a dot or two near the number. That’s quick and easy, but lacks panache.

I cannot begin to explain all the Tin Cup stencil options available. You’ll have to go to to see for yourself. If all of those aren't enough, the company will create a customized marker for you!

The standard Tin Cup markers sell for $19.95 and come with a bag. The customized markers are priced below and may have restrictions, such as licensing:
- Initials: $99
- Signature: $99
- Custom logo: $125

Mark your ball with pizzazz ... Mark your ball with Tin Cup. This is the opportunity to improve your game with some helpful alignment, or perhaps add some flare while complying with the the rules of golf.

For more information or to order your Tin Cup marker, visit

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