Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Frogger Golf Unveils BrushPro with Catch Latch Technology

Best-Selling Premium Golf Club Brush Now Features Innovative Magnetic Fastening System for the Ultimate in Convenience, Security and Easy Access Anywhere on the Course

(Bend, Ore.) - Frogger Golf, the leader in innovative, high performance, functional and fun golf accessories, added a new element to one of the industry’s best-selling golf club brushes, with the official launch of BrushPro with Catch Latch Technology. BrushPro is the first and only golf club brush to feature innovative Catch Latch technology, which is a convenient magnetic fastening system that allows golfers to quickly attach and detach the brush to a golf bag.

“BrushPro is one of those must-have accessory products that golfers use to quickly clean their golf club face and grooves to ensure spin and shot control are never comprised by dirt and grass,” said Jeremiah Bohannon, CEO, Frogger Golf. “Your brush must easily attach, detach and be accessible right at the bag for maximum convenience. This is why the addition of Catch Latch technology makes BrushPro an even more essential tool, as golfers now have their brush available on demand anywhere on the course.”

With Catch Latch technology, BrushPro magnetically attaches and detaches via a dongle connected to the brush handle, and a receiver clamp that affixes to the top of any golf bag. The magnets in the dongle and receiver attract and self-align to quickly and securely connect, while the receiver has a dynamic internal lock to secure the BrushPro while in motion. To detach the brush, golfers simply pull the dongle straight out. The receiver has a fully locked position when rotated clockwise until two clicks are felt and the orange indicator is visible. To unlock, the receiver is rotated counter clockwise stopping on the second click.

The Catch Latch technology offered in the BrushPro is one of the many applications where the magnetic fastening system will be utilized by Frogger, including golf towels, cell phone holders and rangefinders, among other products. According to Bohannon, “We expect Catch Latch will eventually become a must have golf technology for players of all levels to better manage their accessories during practice and play.”

The innovative design of BrushPro keeps clubs and grooves clean like no other brush on the market, thanks to a combination of interior phosphorous bronze and exterior 100% nylon snag-proof bristles that are hard on dirt and grass, but easy on clubs. The flip-out groove cleaner extends to safely remove debris. Complementing the brush is an ergonomic comfort fit handle for faster, easier cleaning.

The BrushPro Catch Latch features a black handle and is available with four accent colors, including grey, blue, red and orange. The brush has a suggested retail price of $22.95 and is available for direct sale at www.froggergolf.com, or at leading golf retailers.

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