Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Johnny Miller Endorses Zero Friction Golf Balls

(OAK BROOK TERRACE, IL) – Johnny Miller has announced his endorsement of Zero Friction golf balls, his second endorsement for the growing company. Miller joined the Zero Friction team in 2015 as a business partner and endorsee.

ZF Distance
The first collaboration was the Johnny Miller Motion-Fit Glove which was released earlier this year. Now, the World Hall of Fame golfer has given his official endorsement to the company’s golf balls which includes a 2-piece and a 3-piece construction ball.

“Johnny put much trust in Zero Friction after the success of the Johnny Miller Motion Fit Glove that we created together, and now he has given his endorsement to our golf balls,” said Zero Friction Founder and President John Iacono.

Miller won two major championships and 25 PGA Tour events before joining the NBC broadcast team in 1990. Miller was elected into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1998.

ZF Tour Spin
“The timing was actually perfect for our business. Soon after Johnny gave us the ball endorsement, Nike announced they were leaving the golf equipment industry. We are hoping the combination of the two will boost sales for Zero Friction.”

Zero Friction created its first golf ball in 2009, and that ball is still a best seller today. The ZF Distance 312 Golf Ball features a shallow 312 dimple pattern for less friction in the air and on the green. The ZF Distance 312 has a 2-piece construction for maximum distance, roll and soft feel with an 80 compression outer cover and solid inner core. Test results show the Zero Friction ball travels up to 5 yards longer than the competition. This is an eco-friendly ball from cover to core, made with 100% renewable materials.

This summer, Zero Friction released a new golf ball. The ZF Tour Spin Golf Ball is a 3-piece construction ball providing maximum distance, spin and feel. The balls are made with a low compression core for greater feel and better ball control. They have a soft ionomer cover for added spin and control on short iron shots and a firm ionomer mantle which increases ball velocity and distance.

Zero Friction also sells golf gloves, grips, tees and accessories. For more information, visit, or call 847-436-4262.

American Golfer recently reviewed the Zero Friction ZFT Maxx tees. Read about them HERE.

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