Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Swing Catalyst Balance Plate Very Popular with Its Users

(TRONDHEIM, NORWAY) - Initial Force AS, Norwegian developer of the groundbreaking Swing Catalyst swing analysis system is receiving rave reviews from their users of the Balance Plate. The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate gives instructors a better understanding of the golf swing, ranging from weight-shift patterns and balance to details of foot pressure distribution - none of which can be determined by the best trained eye or even high-speed cameras.

The Balance Plate data is perfectly synchronized with video images and integrates data from the most popular launch monitors and ball flight-tracking devices, such as TrackMan, FlightScope, Foresight GC2 and Full Swing Golf - allowing instructors to study the correlations between everything that happens during a golf swing and the actual result of the shot.

"The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate is a highly advanced sensor plate consisting of more than 2,000 high-resolution sensors, specifically designed for swing analysis," says Tom Christian Lindvag, marketing manager for Swing Catalyst. "Although it has been designed to help golfers improve their game, it is powered by the similar technology being used at advanced hospitals and medical research facilities around the world, where accuracy is a must."

In essence, the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate visualizes the invisible forces leading to an efficient swing. It instantly provides an accurate measurement of stance width; calculates the precise center of pressure throughout the swing; draws the center of pressure pattern during the swing; accurately reveals pressure distribution; and automatically synchronizes all of its data with the video images. Instructors can stop the video at any point during the swing and study the detailed Balance Plate data in the Swing Catalyst software - to quickly determine how efficient a golfer is using the ground, compared to the Tour's best players.

"The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate has been instrumental in allowing me to look behind the curtain of video, and quantify what is really happening in the golf swing," says Andrew Rice, director of instruction at Berkeley Hall in Bluffton, S.C. and one of America's top golf coaches.

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