Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Bowl Season for ClubCrown by Vive

Company Celebrating NCAA Football Season on the Course

(NEW YORK CITY, NY) - The NCAA's football Bowl season has arrived, which means many golfers who are college football fans will be showing their school spirit on  the golf course through ClubCrown by Vive. The company's top-quality, high-tech  films are professionally installed on the crowns of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, through licensing deals with 57 major universities. The films that bear the university logos instantly transform ordinary clubheads - regardless of their physical condition -- into fresh-looking, durable-finish fashion statements that alumni and fans will be proud to showcase in their golf bags.

"Our first NCAA Football season with collegiate licenses could not have gone any  better," says Brendan Doyle, President and CMO of the company. "We are proud to offer 20 of the top 25 BCS teams, including both of the teams vying for the National Championship. We always knew collegiate licenses would be big for our business, but we never imagined it would be this big!"

The next few weeks spotlight nine games in which both sides are licensees of ClubCrown, including:
* Las Vegas Bowl, Dec. 21: #20 Fresno State vs. #25 USC
* Russell Athletic Bowl, Dec. 28: Miami vs. #18 Louisville
* Holiday Bowl, Dec. 30: #14 Arizona State vs. Texas Tech
* Gator Bowl, Jan. 1: Nebraska vs. #22 Georgia
* Capital One Bowl, Jan. 1: #19 Wisconsin vs. #9 South Carolina
* Sugar Bowl, Jan. 2: #11 Oklahoma vs. #3 Alabama
* Orange Bowl, Jan. 3: #12 Clemson vs. #7 Ohio State
* Cotton Bowl, Jan. 3: #13 Oklahoma State vs. # 8 Missouri
* BCS Championship Game, Jan. 6: #1 Florida State v #2 Auburn

To commemorate both the company's success with its NCAA licensing deal, as well as the BCS National Championship, ClubCrown will release 50 limited-edition ClubCrowns for the winner of the National Championship. "Will it be Auburn or Florida State?," asks Doyle. "It will all be decided January 6, 2014. It's very exciting, and we'll be prepared to carry over that celebration onto the golf course."

ClubCrowns can be found at a vast network of retailers around the country. Visit for locations.

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