Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Product Review: RukkNet

Interested in hitting golf balls any time you’d like but don’t have 20 acres at your disposal for a proper driving range? No worries. Thanks to Rukket, all you need is $200 and room to swing.

The RukkNet is described as “simple and FAST to set up and take down, generous in size, durable, light-weight, and versatile.” The website also says it “pops-up instantly to let you practice multiple sports anywhere.”

Let me tell you, I’ve been duped by plenty of equipment companies who’ve make such claims. Time for a test. Results ... Whatever you call it - truth in advertising or a holiday miracle - the RukkNet was simple, fast and popped up instantly!

Don’t believe everything you read? Smart. Click HERE and watch the videos. Obviously, these guys have done it before, but it really is that easy.

If mobility and ease of setting up/breaking down were all that mattered, RukkNet would get a passing grade right away. While those are very important aspects of a portable golf net, it still has to perform. Test and result ... Drivers and 5-irons didn’t budge this beauty.

The RukkNet is made from high-quality netting and a durable spring steel frame. The 4-ply knot-less ball returning net (not cheap mesh) allows the power from each impact to disperse efficiently and will not wear out or get holes. An added benefit of the heavier inside netting is the ball is returned with more force. That’s right - returned. Ease of use!

Back to portability. Weighing in at 14 lbs. and folding flat to a 32-inch diameter, you can take RukkNet anywhere. The carrying case is thick canvas with double zippers for long life, capable of carrying a hitting mat, golf balls, attachments and a golf club, it also has a thick, comfortable shoulder strap for long hikes to your favorite practice spot.

But wait, there’s more (cue the infomercial voice)! The RukkNet can also be used for baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and football. Whether you’re inside or outside, on concrete or grass, home or away, multiple attachments make RukkNet the most versatile golf net ever created.

RukkNet is the best and most versatile golf net we’ve used. Check it out for yourself at www.rukket.com.

Contact: NEOhioGolf@yahoo.com

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