Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The 12 Days of Miura Golf

#12DaysofMiura Instagram Challenge

(Vancouver, BC) - It may be too cold to play golf in much of the world, but Miura Golf knows that golfers' holiday thoughts turn to memories of rounds enjoyed and anticipation of more next year, often with family and friends. This year, Miura is encouraging its fans to show their holiday spirit by joining in a photo contest on Instagram to express what's best about the holidays. Go to http://statigr.am/miuragolf.

The #12DaysofMiura Challenge allows posters to put up a different holiday-themed picture every day for 12 days. Participants have an opportunity to win a Miura putter or accessories. Prizes and rules can be found at Miura's Facebook page. The contest begins Dec. 4, and is open to Miura fans worldwide.

"The posts can be anything, really, as long as it follows the daily theme," said Adam Barr, president of Miura. "If it involves a Miura club, so much the better. But it doesn't have to. We're just anxious to see how our fans view this special time of year."

The daily themes for posters are:
Dec 4: #Bythefire
Dec 5: #Forgedintheforest
Dec 6: #Icicles
Dec 7: #MerryMiura
Dec 8: #UndertheMistletoe
Dec 9: #Withthefamily
Dec 10: #Inacrowdofpeople
Dec 11: #Helping
Dec 12: #Reflection
Dec 13: #Toallagoodnight
Dec 14: #Warmdrink
Dec 15: #Underthetree

Miura will choose the best three sets of entries on Dec. 16 and notify winners via Instagram.

For more information, visit www.MiuraGolf.com. Follow Miura on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MiuraGolf and on Twitter at @MiuraGolfInc.

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