Saturday, December 14, 2013

'Heads-Up' - The Magnetic Head Cover Retriever - Unique New Golf Accessory

(MITCHELL, SD) - The Magnetic Golfer has designed a unique new golf accessory that makes it convenient for golfers serious about protecting their equipment to do just that, while providing the added benefit of reducing the chance of lower back pain or injury.

"I came up with the idea for “Heads-Up” last spring while golfing with my father." said The Magnetic Golfer President and Founder Jon Fradet. "Like many golfers, my dad keeps his head cover on his driver, woods and hybrids until he sets-up for a shot.  While golfing last spring he threw his head cover on the ground at the tee-box like always, except this time when he bent over to pick it up he tweaked his lower back.  It was that moment when I thought to myself I could design something to help my dad and other golfers reduce the chances of an injury while keeping the head covers close by the golfers for easy replacement on their clubs.”

The Magnetic Golfer's website is designed to support retailers of all types and sizes, from large franchises to golf course pro shops.  Private businesses and corporations looking for something unique will also find “Heads-Up” to be that one-of-a-kind item they need to standout.

"We are really excited about our custom logo offering which is designed to have our clients logos produced on our head cover pin.  This offer is great for companies looking for an affordable yet unique gift or pin prize for their golf tournaments or just something to say thank you to their customers." Fradet added.

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