Sunday, December 1, 2013

Product Review: Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Men's Golf Jacket

Tee time has been set and you’ve been dreaming of this round all week from your tiny cubicle at work. Clubs are in the trunk, but one sprinkle turns into a deluge. Do you give up, head back inside and chip away at your to-do list around the house? Not if you have the Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Men's Golf Jacket at your disposal.

This isn’t the glorified garbage bag your father used to consider a rain jacket, mind you. The Storm-FIT features fabric that blocks out wind and rain to help keep you dry and comfortable on the course. The stretch fabric at the shoulders and mesh vents, makes it stylish, yet offers plenty of room to move and breathe. A mock neck with bonded zip helps block out the elements, while an adjustable hem and cuffs provide custom protection

What’s the technology behind the Storm-FIT Hyperadapt? Ultrafine microfiber polyester combines with a highly breathable laminate to provide total protection from water and wind. It's an exclusive waterproof fabric designed for the serious athlete in wet, cold and windy conditions. Storm-Fit keeps golfers dry and incredibly comfortable from the inside out.

Let’s look at hypothetical threesome: Andrew has the Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Men's Golf Jacket. Ben has a rain jacket of lesser quality that keeps him dry, but restricts his movement and doesn’t breathe nearly as well. Carl has only an umbrella. Advantage Andrew.

We tested the Storm-FIT Hyperadapt jacket. Swing after swing, it was the closest thing to donning only a golf shirt - no restriction on full shots.

Consider this jacket a piece of your equipment. You may go an entire round without hitting your 3-iron, but if you need it, you’re glad it’s there. Same with the jacket when Mother Nature rears her ugly head.

American Golfer recommendation: Buy the Nike Storm-FIT Hyperadapt Men's Golf Jacket, ignore the weatherman, keep your tee time and be thankful you did. That cubicle - and your t-do list - will have to wait.


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