Thursday, December 12, 2013

RadiusRoll Putters' PureStrike Instant Roll Technology to Display at PGA Merchandise Show

(LOCKPORT, IL) - For Rick Monroe, it was an all-too familiar scene following a typical round of golf. His ball striking had been solid once again. His putting? Not so much.

He was racking his brain trying to solve his putting woes when suddenly it dawned on him. As in Billiards, in order to produce a perfect roll, one round object must strike another round object at their equators.

As a former training manager, golf pro, business man, teacher and golf coach, Monroe used his extensive background knowledge, as well as engineering concepts, to come up with the answer to his putting woes.

Twenty years and several prototypes later, Monroe introduced the RadiusRoll Putter.

Attendees at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Jan. 22-24 will have the opportunity to test the unique putters firsthand. RadiusRoll will be exhibiting in the annual show from Booth 2304.

"A light bulb went on after watching one golf ball hit another," said CEO and Founder, Rick Monroe. "We designed a putter with the same exact radius as the golf ball along with select dimensioning so it naturally strikes the ball in the perfect spot."

What separates RadiusRoll from its competition is obvious with one glance: A 0.8400 radius face. This radius face creates perfect forward roll. RadiusRoll calls it PureStrike Instant Roll Technology.

The first putter was developed in 2009. Monroe spent about three years perfecting the dimensions and requirements. He knew he had the right radius; the dimension (size of the putter) was the key.

"The equator-to-equator hit produces the perfect forward roll with one round object being struck by another round object. It eliminates any hop or skip," said Monroe. "Flat-faced putters have built in loft and loft causes the ball to become airborne. When the ball goes airborne, it's going to bounce and skid off line. Even if only by a quarter of an inch, within 10 feet that could mean 2.5 inches away from the intended target."

"The putter sells itself," said International Distribution Manager Pete Rhee. "The feedback we've been getting back from golf pros and teachers has been phenomenal. Not only are they putting the putter in their pro shop, they're also putting them in their bag. That gives me a lot of faith."

The company is in the very early stages of presenting the RadiusRoll putter to the professional tours, but already Amy Alcott and Barb Moxness on the LPGA Legends Tour, Danny Forshey on the PGA Tour Canada, and Mark Bucek on the PGA Champions Tour are playing it.

"I like the way the RadiusRoll putters start the ball rolling immediately on line," said Bucek. "It rolls true from the beginning with an amazingly soft feel. The more consistent roll enables better speed control. It's great to see a made in USA product become so successful."

RadiusRoll Milled Putters come in two different head styles: Blade Style and Hybrid Mallet Style with several variations in both categories. All are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Blade Style includes the High Five Milled Putter and F/P Tour Milled Putter. The High Five is offered in different shafting options that include center shafted, heel shafted, heel shafted double-bend offset, and single-bend shafts. The F/P Tour Models are offset hosel models that are still considered to be the most traditional and desirable.

Hybrid Mallet Style putter is our Money Milled Putter and is available in four different options: center shafted, heel shafted, heel shafted double-bend offset and single-bend.

Both of the RadiusRoll 'Money' and 'High Five' putters are precision CNC milled in the USA from 303 stainless steel. Their thoughtfully clean design and well-placed alignment marks help zero in on the target.

The RadiusRoll 'F/P Tour' Offset Hosel style putter is CNC milled in the USA from soft carbon steel and features a black chrome finish, which makes it a real beauty. It promotes clean, crisp contact and instills confidence.

RadiusRoll General Manager, Greg Buban, may have the best description of RadiusRoll products: "It's not just another putter."

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