Monday, December 16, 2013

KZG Introduces The Forged IV Irons

(NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) - KZG, the #1 Custom ProLine, has just launched their newest forged game improvement irons, the Forged IV. Triple forged for superior repeatable consistency and CNC milled for precise specifications, the Forged IV Irons feature an oversize profile, wide sole and deep forgiving cavity, allowing the mid-to-high handicapper to hit consistently long, repeatable and accurate shots.

"KZG is well known for its award-winning forged irons and wedges which have been played by many of the world's top tour players... and KZG does not pay anyone to play its clubs" reports Jennifer King, president of KZG. "The Forged IV offer the mid-handicap player the same advantages sought by the tour players: triple forged for consistent, workable shots that feel like butter and CNC milled for the tightest tolerances and pin-point accuracy. All of these benefits plus the Forged IV irons are designed for ease of play and forgiveness."

KZG uses virgin carbon steel billets that are heated and forged three separate times to achieve a dense molecular structure that is free of any imperfection. CNC milling of the face, body and scorelines guarantee that every specification is within the tight tolerances mandated by KZG.

The beauty of KZG clubs is that every design is conceived to meet the needs of a particular type of golfer. KZG offers 21 models of irons in three different manufacturing processes with three distinctly different price points. For example, the KZG Forged ME-1 irons are designed for the scratch player, while the new Forged IV are designed specifically for the golfer who wants ease of play and maximum forgiveness and that is achieved through the larger clubhead design, the deep perimeter weighting for forgiveness, the wider sole for more stability and the soft leading edge. The mid to higher handicap player will appreciate the optimal launch and distance they can achieve with these new Forged IV irons.

KZG products are only available through qualified professional teachers and fitters and can be located on the Dealer Locator at MSRP for the Forged IV Irons start at $120 per loft with numerous shaft options available.

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