Friday, July 19, 2013

The Slotted Driver, designed by STEP into Golf, is a golf training aid and hitable, playable golf driver. This golf driver bridges the gap between training aid & usable golf equipment through the Slotted Driver’s unique design. It’s able to train the beginning golfer more effectively at address than any other equipment or training system available. The Slotted Driver will also give elderly and disabled golfers a chance to step into their golf shot with some assistance.

Here are some ideas:
* Due to the ability to step into the Slotted Driver by STEP into Golf, the instructor, while facing the target, maintains control of the club & can easily turn towards the trainee golfer. This positioning provides the best possible student/instructor training position in golf. The instructor maintains control of the club and never has to move to position the golfer properly for hitting driver at address.
* The golfer is invited to step into their golf shot while the instructor is stepping into the Slotted Driver.
* The unique slot of the STEP into Golf Slotted Driver allows the instructor to maintain control of the club with their foot while giving instruction to the golfer.
* The head, shoulder, arms, hands, hip, leg and foot positions of the golfer can be easily manipulated or adjusted by the instructor while maintaining control of the STEP into Golf Slotted Driver with their foot. Not until they are comfortable with trainee’s hitting position should they remove their foot for the trainee golfer to swing & repeat.
* Further, the STEP into Golf Slotted Driver need not be stepped into. It’s an option to receive the golf club presented by stepping. The slotted driver will be a fully functional golf club with modern performance, regardless of its ability to be Step Driven.

Golf demands well-struck drives from the tee. Striking the golf ball extremely well from the tee with the driver early in one’s golf career will make a golfer of anyone. Let’s get a new generation of golfers excited and hooked more quickly than ever through their own ability to hit driver. Their game will depend on it. Use STEP into Golf as a gateway into the world’s most beloved game.

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