Friday, July 12, 2013

KZG Introduces GF Deep Driver

(NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) - KZG, the No. 1 Custom ProLine, has introduced the GF Deep Driver. This driver is the largest and deepest clubface the company has ever produced and also incorporates its Gravitational Force (GF) Technology to allow maximum customization. The result is a higher center of gravity which in turn produces a boring trajectory with a lower spin rate without losing ball flight control.

"Professional Clubfitters require a wide range of models to perfectly fit golfers who each have unique swing variables" said Jennifer King, president of KZG. "We work with the finest fitters and teachers in our industry, and when they let us know what they need, we produce. The GF Deep is the ninth model in KZG's wide spectrum of drivers to allow our network of fitters the ability to select the design features they need for a perfect fit."

The GF Deep allows unlimited customization with its two strategically-positioned portals and a selection of seven screw weights for 128 possible adjustments to affect swingweight, launch angle and to correct any draw or fade bias.

The large 460cc head has a deep face, yet features a more compact profile at address. It also maintains an aerodynamic shape that imparts less wind resistance for greater swing speed. The deep club face will provide more forgiveness for golfers who tend to miss high or low on the face.

The vacuum cast titanium 460cc GF Deep is designed for golfers who seek a boring trajectory and low spin rates, yet maintain maximum ball control. A KZG professional clubfitter can ascertain the proper weight combination and adjustments for any particular golfer to assure maximum performance.

All KZG drivers are custom fit and custom built and are available with numerous shaft options. Retail pricing varies depending on the options selected, with MSRP starting at $399.

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