Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Loudmouth Unveils Three New Designs

Loudmouth's Drop Cloth design got rave reviews, so they came back with even BRIGHTER colors and put ’em on a black background and named them in appropriate Loudmouth fashion: Paint Balls. Don’t worry about accidently missing your hot dog with squirting mustard or rolling your meatball onto your lap, it’ll just customize your design.
Believe or not, Morehead State, a Division I NCAA college requested Blue & Gold Splash for its women’s basketball unforms. That’s right, Loudmouth uniforms are represented by a Division I NCAA school. Take THAT UnderArmour! Take THAT Nike! Today Morehead State Women’s Basketball unies. Tomorrow Alabama Men’s Football unies! Now you can own a pair of Loudmouth history. They look SHARP and there’s a 33% chance you went to a high school or college that had this color combo!
We all love putting on it, now you can WEAR it, “Bent Grass.” It’s Swirls Gone Wild in Green and Mango. Simply put, these pants/short/skorts/mini shorts are awesome looking. Wear with any one of six LM Essential shirts colors: Black, Lemon Chrome, Kelly Green, Mango, Fiery Red or our newest, Cockatoo. Or stack ’em up like a preppy and wear all six at once!

Contact: NEOhioGolf@yahoo.com

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