Thursday, July 25, 2013

Share Your Photos with American Golfer

Exciting changes are coming to American Golfer. In addition to increasing the amount of original content - product reviews and opinion pieces - we'd like to make American Golfer your website. Please send us pictures of you on the golf course. Include information such as:
* Picture (of course)
* Name of course
* What we're looking at (hole number, feature, etc.)
* If someone is in the picture, who is it?
* Thoughts on the course - good, bad, indifferent.
* Anything that made the course special - from fast greens to a signature beverage at the 19th hole.
* If you'd like to add followers, add your Twitter handle, too.

E-mail pictures and information to and we'll post for everyone to enjoy.

We look forward to sharing your pictures and thoughts and are excited about the future of American Golfer.


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