Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Product Review: Loudmouth Golf Fancy Shirts

Hey Fellas ... Ever feel a little fancy? Don’t hide that feeling. Shout it out loud ... with Loudmouth Golf’s new Fancy Shirts.

Double Cheezburger
The Fancies come in 10 wild and colorful designs - ranging from the Double Cheezburger (right) and Captain Thunderbolt to the Drop Cloth or Scribblz. They’re the perfect way to top off Loudmouth’s “Element” pants or shorts. For the ladies, they really accentuate the Loudmouth skorts.

Following the popularity of their first fancy shirts, Loudmouth made this batch brighter and lighter. In true Loudmouth fashion, these four-way-stretch fancy shirts are bold. Even better ... they don’t wrinkle and keep golfers cool.

Does form meeting function? A shirt can look great, but feel horrible, which will cause your game to suffer. The cut of Loudmouth’s Fancy shirts is generous under the arms, but not so loose that extra fabric will feel unruly. The collar is soft and unstructured ... comfort first. Since the golf swing is anything but stationary, the fabric stretches and moves with you, not fighting you throughout the motion.

We’ve written before about how important the right (or how harmful the wrong) shirt can be to your game. Don’t wear a golf shirt based strictly on appearance. With these shirts, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for looks.

Check out all of the bold, beautiful offerings Loudmouth Golf has to offer HERE.

Your golf shirts can say “boring” and “blasé” or they can shout “WILD” and “WONDERFUL.” The choice is yours ... choose Loudmouth.

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