Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Loudmouth Unveils New Designs

Crak, a soon-to-be classic design, was inspired by 1960s pop-art. It’s not a comic strip, but each frame is it’s own work of art centered around the woman scorned by her golfaholic man. One scene depicts dad driving the family car with his kids complaining in the back seat while his wife snaps back at them as he silently stews “I’ll never break 80 with a wife and two kids.” Not only are they a conversation piece, they look GREAT!

Is that a Holstein walking down the fairway? No, that’s just another fashionably clad golfer in Loudmouth’s latest awesome pants! As if Loudmouth designs don’t turn enough heads, try dressing your next foursome all in Cowz and let the FUN begin! Once again, not only are they irreverent, but they look realistic and are udderly STYLISH!

Not all new designs are novelties. Cheezburger is a good ol’ fashion Loudmouth brightly colored plaid. On the heels of Loudmouth's long-term success with the striped “Hot Dog,” they put the popular catsup / mustard / charred meat colors on a fetching plaid - for manly men … and ladylike women … who like dogs and burgers.

Check out these new styles at www.loudmouthgolf.com.

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