Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hireko Golf Showcases new 2013 Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge

(CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.) - Hireko Golf, one of the golf industry's most complete sources for golf clubs, components, clubmaking tools, supplies, and technical knowledge announced the arrival of their new for 2013 Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedge. With the versatile Dynacraft VLS Adjustable Wedges, golfers can now fine-tune their wedge play to adjust to the type of ball they prefer and to get the ball to land closer to the hole and toward a lower score.

Changing a golf club wedge's trajectory, spin and the amount of roll once it lands on the green has always been a matter of the proper loft selection. In cases where the loft, ball or shaft selection is not exactly correct, golf wedges can often be adjusted for loft. However that alters the bounce angle and potentially the effectiveness of the wedge in the hands of the golfer. The Dynacraft VLS (Variable Launch and Spin) Adjustable Wedge features two interchangeable inserts: a 3g black anodized aluminum and 17g stainless steel. The 14g or 1/2 ounce disparity in weight alters the center of gravity to produce two unique sets of conditions for the ultimate adjustable golf wedge.

Hireko Golf's Technical Director Jeff Summitt states, "With the heavier insert at the bottom of the head, it produces an adjustable golf wedge with a lower and more forward center of gravity (as shown by the yellow line). The blue line shows the heavier weight at the top of the clubhead producing a slightly higher and more rearward center of gravity. Most golfers understand that a lower center of gravity will create a higher launch angle. However, we found by testing golfers that wasn't always the same case. Surprisingly what changed most was the spin rate by as much as 1000 rpms with the higher CG position creating a low spin rate. This affects many parameters including carry distance, landing angle and ultimately the amount of roll once the ball hits the green not only on full shots but partial shots as well."

The custom assembled Dynacraft VLS Wedges are available in right hand AW, SW and LW. They are available custom assembled online for $39.95 each (also comes with one each 3g black anodized aluminum and one each 17g stainless steel weights) at


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