Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summit Golf Brands Announces Debut of Fall 2013 Line

(SHELTON, CT) - Summit Golf Brands announced the debut of the Fall 2013 apparel collection at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. The Company’s apparel brands include Fairway & Greene, EP Pro, and Zero Restriction.

Summit Golf Brands also announced the introduction of EP Sport, a spirited collection of cross-functional separates for the active woman and a brand extension of EP Pro, and B. Draddy, an updated, all-cotton-based line aimed at the younger golfer.

“EP Pro has been the number one brand in women’s golf apparel for 15 years and counting,” said Christopher Heyn, CEO of Summit Golf Brands. “EP Sport extends this brand beyond golf into yoga, tennis, and training as well as everyday life, addressing the multifaceted lifestyle of today’s woman customer.”

B. Draddy does much the same thing for the men’s market. “With its exciting blend of traditional styles, slimmer silhouettes, and unexpected fabrics, B. Draddy gives golfers clothes he can wear with equal confidence on the course or off,” said Heyn. Of particular note are brilliantly colored shirts and horizontally striped seersucker shorts.

Highlights from Summit Golf Brands’ other lines, Fairway & Greene and Zero Restriction, include:
* The Cosmopolitan Collection, a modern twist on traditional with a palette of classic Black and White, complemented by Cosmo Red, in edgy polka dots and a modified contemporary houndstooth.

* The Tech Collection draws from the neon looks that were a hallmark of ‘80s fashion. The twist is subduing bright Yellows and Pinks with deep Marine and clean White.

* A full zip Windsweater, and vibrant new colors for the Cave quarter zip. The Windsweater’s lining from the wind while allowing freedom to swing.

* New fabrics for the Ocean Reef Collection include a combination of natural fibers and yarns made into a double-knit with extra body minus added weight.

* The McCallan Cashmere V Neck, our performance cashmere blend with a modern cricket silhouette, and the 100% cotton Luxe touch herringbone quarter zip, washed to give it the feel of cashmere, are notable additions to Ocean Reef.

* The Duke Collection draws its name from the stylish Duke of Windsor, its palette from ancient Scottish tartans, and patterns from English and Scottish knitwear. Lightweight Italian merino wool makes these traditional pieces contemporary and functional.

* The American Golfer Collection, named for an early 20th century golf publication, features rich colors inspired by the look of the magazine in modern fabrics, including a stretch that is strictly 21st century. The stretch comes from a unique process where a polymer is added during spinning and then removed when the yarn is washed, leaving a microscopic channel that creates the stretch and comfort.

* All F &G collections feature new packaging: an updated logo, labels, and hangtags.

* Two new wind fabrics are featured: a water resistant knit outer layer bonded to a Windproof membrane and textured mesh (Jackie) and a water-resistant knit outer layer bonded to Windproof membrane and soft shell fleece lining (Nadia).

* Lifestyle pieces have been added to the collection: the Babe yoga pant and the Laila lightweight stretch hoodie.

* Feminine silhouettes and details have been added throughout the collection, most notable in our Snakeskin print wind jacket, which adds a high-fashion element to the technical performance Zero Restriction is known for.

* The Revolution Shoulder allows you to get the most out of your swing, thanks to the shoulder seam being placed above the cap of the shoulder with a convex seam, mirroring the contour between the chest and the arm.

* The Power Torque Back is an advance in our Power Torque Technology, where we “map” the body and then use different fabrics in specific locations of the garment, allowing for increased flexibility of the fabric, comfort, and fit.  The Power Torque Back can be found in the Knollwood, Pinnacle, and Power Torque Packable jackets.

“We are excited about all the innovations in our lines, whether about fashion, fit, or function,” said Heyn.  “An unstinting dedication to those three aspects of clothing is what all of our lines - new and familiar - have in common.”

More information on the EP Pro and EP Sport lines can be found at More information on Zero Restriction can be found at

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