Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PGA Center For Golf Learning And Performance Adds Full Swing Golf's ION Technology

(SAN DIEGO, CA) - San Diego-based golf simulator maker Full Swing Golf this week added its new ION Performance Camera technology to the training arsenal at the PGA Center For Golf Learning And Performance in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

ION is an extension to Full Swing Golf's state-of-the-art infrared tracking system. Utilizing a high-speed camera to focus solely on ball spin and clubhead data, ION provides clubhead speed, clubface angle and club path information with intuitive on-screen illustrations of the club. It captures detailed spin data using regular unmarked golf balls, including backspin, sidespin and spin axis. This technology ensures the highest degree of accuracy; golfers can shape each shot exactly as they would outdoors, while receiving instant and detailed data feedback for serious game improvement.

"This new technology is amazing, the Ion exponentially enhances our Full Swing Golf simulator," says Eric Hogge, the center's PGA Head Professional and Director of Club Fitting. "In the interactive practice area or on any of our 80 courses, we get comprehensive club data, ball-flight and ball-spin analysis with natural, real-time ball-flight simulation."

The PGA Center For Golf Learning And Performance is an innovative, 35-acre performance enhancing golf facility where students discover their limitations and weaknesses and receive corrective training programs that enable them to improve. Premier PGA Professionals at the facility have the very best resources available to them. And now they supplement it with Full Swing Golf's latest technology.

"We're very proud to be the official golf simulator of the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance," says Chad Coleman, Vice President of Sales for Full Swing Golf. "Our company continues to offer the most realistic indoor golf experience possible, combined with the teaching and training tools that golfers and teaching pros expect. The new Ion Performance Cam, for spin and clubhead data, combined with our patented infrared tracking system, offer unparalleled accuracy in real-time. And because the PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance leads the industry in golf technologies and premium instruction, this will be the perfect tool to further enhance their capabilities.

Full Swing Golf manufactures and markets the leading indoor golf simulator to businesses and consumers worldwide. The diverse line of simulator products can be customized to fit the needs of various clientele, including golf professionals, retail businesses, residential communities, luxury resorts, teaching facilities, golf centers and homeowners. For more information: www.fullswinggolf.com.

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