Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exotics XCG6 Titanium/Tungsten Fairway Delivers Driver‐Like Distance

(Batavia, IL) ‐ Since the introduction of Tour Edge Golf’s Exotics product line in 2004, the company has guaranteed its fairway woods will hit the ball further. In fact, Tour Edge is saying the new 2013 XCG6 model is the absolute longest fairway wood in golf and easily outdistances the competition.

Golfer’s use titanium in their drivers for a reason – it hits the ball further. That’s why the Exotics XCG6 features a 15‐3‐3‐3 beta titanium cup face, a high‐density steel body and a tungsten sole plate that are combo‐brazed for the ultimate in power and forgiveness.

According to Jay Hubbard, vice president of marketing for Tour Edge, “The XCG6 is monster long, compliments of the titanium cup face that provides to‐the‐limit COR even on off‐center hits. It also has a steel body that is almost as light as titanium, allowing even more mass to be placed in the heel and toe areas of the sole.”

The club’s heavy tungsten sole plate moves 65% of the total club head weight in the heel and toe areas for a higher moment‐of‐inertia, reduced club head twisting, and greater forgiveness.

The XCG6 has a hot face. The club’s Boomerang face technology offers multiple levels of variable face thickness that maximize the rebound from more points on the face. The club has a slightly deeper face and larger club head than previous models but retains a classic pear shape, mid spin design.

The Exotics XCG6 fairway wood features Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee. It is available in the Matrix Ozik and the Graphite Design Tour AD graphite shafts for $299. For more information, call (800) 515‐3343 or visit


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