Friday, January 18, 2013

FlightScope, Swingbyte Partner for Integrated Ball Flight, Impact, 3D Swing Analysis

(CHICAGO, Ill.) - Swingbyte announced a strategic partnership with FlightScope to create golf's first fully integrated ball flight, impact and 3D swing analysis system.

Introduced in 2012, Swingbyte uses a lightweight sensor, an advanced mathematical algorithm and Bluetooth connectivity to digitize a golfer's swing and communicate in real time key swing measurements including club head speed, swing path and impact angles.

FlightScope, which was introduced in 2004, is a portable indoor-outdoor launch monitor that records ball flight and ball speed using 3D Doppler tracking radar.

The integration of the two technologies allows golfers and instructors to choose from a comprehensive set of swing metrics and data points to view a visual representation of a golf swing and the resulting ball flight.

"With the blended technological expertise of FlightScope and Swingbyte, instructors and students will have access to the most accurate information available about the entirety of a golfer's swing and the golf ball's flight," said Alex Pedenko, CEO of Swingbyte.

"We have followed the market's overwhelming response to Swingbyte in its first year. The accuracy of the data it reports and its adoption by golfers and top instructors convinced us that an alliance would create additional value for both companies and our customers," said Henri Johnson, CEO of Orlando-based FlightScope.

"The complementary technologies on which Swingbyte and FlightScope are based make this a natural partnership," Pedenko added. "Golfers and instructors can now take advantage of two powerful tools working together to collect information that leads to better swings and faster improvement."

Brad Brewer, a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher, uses FlightScope and Swingbyte with his students at the Brad Brewer Golf Academy at the Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando. "Before someone can make a change in their swing, they need to be able to picture that change in their mind," Brewer said. "The combination of Swingbyte and FlightScope makes that visualization much easier."

Swingbyte weighs less than an ounce and attaches to any club just below the grip. As the club makes contact with the ball, the wireless sensor transmits a 3D digital version of the swing to the Swingbyte app, which is available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. The swing image - along with measurements of club head speed, swing plane, face angle, loft and lie angles and tempo - can be viewed during practice sessions and archived in the cloud for future reference.

Swingbyte can be ordered through the company's website,, and purchased at more than 1,800 AT&T retail stores. Swingbyte's price of $149 includes the Swingbyte unit, the free Swingbyte app and an online account that includes additional analytics, community rankings and personal trends.


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