Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Product Review: Golflexx

Spring has sprung and golfers across the country are taking their first swings of the year. Excitement is undeniable and the temptation is to run from car to tee and get the round under way, pronto.


Those muscles are tight and there’s a good chance you’ll finish your day with more aches and pains than birdies and pars. One wrong move and you’ll miss the next week, month or more.

How can you ensure comfort while, at the same time, improving your game? Stretch it out with Golflexx.

Picture a long golf shaft with grips on both ends and a pad in the middle. That’s Golflexx - a simple tool that will work your core golf muscles and likely lower your scores.

The company’s pre-loading system allows a golfer to stretch and strengthen the essential muscle groups used playing the game. With three flexes from which to choose (stiff, medium and light), the lightweight, durable shaft flexes with your body’s motion.

If you’re wise enough to make Golflexx a part of your golf routine, don’t just use it in the parking lot and leave it in your trunk. It fits neatly in your bag and is a perfect tool to keep your muscles loose throughout the round.

Consider this ... If you’re an average golfer with a handicap around 18 and just spent $400 on a driver and $50 on a dozen golf balls to improve your game, you’d be wise to add Golflexx. The driver and balls can only take you as far as your body will allow. Golflexx will take you the rest of the way.

For more information or to order a Golflexx, visit www.golflexx.com.

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