Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hireko Golf announces debut of new Acer XDS React Hybrid clubs

(CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.) - Hireko Golf debuted the arrival of the new Acer XDS React Hybrids. The new clubs are perfect for golfers looking for hybrids that are not draw biased or ones that might be shank-proof. These fun-to-hit hybrids are available individually or as a complete full set all the way to a sand wedge for both right and left handed players.

The Acer XDS React Hybrid features the same amount of face progression through the set, as well as conistent crown heights. This means that you won't need to readjust your setup for varying clubs, resulting in a repeatable swing every time.

The railed soles glide across various types of terrain increasing solidness of contact. Plus, with the leading edge designed well forward of the hosel prevents the possibility of shanking the ball. The XDS React hybrids are the outcome of unconventional thinking for remarkable results.

To help understand how to breed consistency into your game, the Acer XDS React boasts a constant face progression throughout the set. Face progression is simply a term for the distance between the centerline axis of the shaft and the leading edge of the head. By having a constant face progression throughout the set, even into the matching fairway woods, it is easier to establish a single ball position that makes it easier to set up to the ball at address.

When you need more forgiveness the Acer XDS React delivers. The #3 hybrid is larger like a 7 wood which it would replace distance-wise. Gradually the size from front-to-back decreases as the loft increases so they not only look the right size but give the proper amount of for forgiveness.

The new Acer XDS React Hybrids are available in right hand 3-9, PW, AW, SW and left hand 3-9, PW, SW and can be purchased custom assembled online starting at $44.95 each at


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