Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Lore and Literature of America's Favorite Game

Classic Golf Stories: Twenty-six Incredible Tales from the Links

Ever since that fateful day several hundred years ago when a Scottish shepherd first struck a rock with a shillelagh, perhaps no single athletic pursuit has brought man more joy and frustration, more fulfillment and utter despair than the game of golf.  Classic Golf Stories: Twently-Six Incredible Tales from the Links (Skyhorse Publishing, March 2012), captures this beautiful game—a game which tests the mind, body, and spirit. There has been no shortage of inspired writing on the topic, as golf has long caught the interest and imagination of some of the world’s finest and most celebrated writers. Contributors to this anthology include:

* P. G. Wodehouse
* F. Scott Fitzgerald
* Bernard Darwin
* Ring Lardner
* Horace Hutchinson
* Charles E. Van Loan
* A. A. Milne
* Francis Ouimet
* Gerald Batchelor
* Ellie Loos
* S. F. Outwood
* Finley Peter Dunne
* And many more!

In Classic Golf Stories,  editor Jeff Silverman collects some of the best classic writings, both fact and realistic fiction, that reflect the rich history, tradition, agony, and ecstacy of one of our most enduring and endearing past times.  A sure hole-in-one for golf fans everywhere!


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