Friday, January 27, 2023

FlightScope Launches New Face Impact Location Add-on option for Mevo+

FlightScope Mevo+ with Pro Package and Face Impact Location technology is the most fully equipped launch monitor and simulator offered at its price point in the golf industry

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – FlightScope, the global leader in tracking and analyzing sports performance data, announced the addition of a Face Impact Location add-on option for the FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package.

In its ongoing pursuit of adding value for its customers, FlightScope has added the Mevo+ Pro Package with Face Impact Location add-on to give golfers the most fully equipped launch monitor and simulator at its price point in the industry. Mevo+ Pro Package users can add Face Impact Location by visiting

FlightScope’s Mevo+ 2023 Edition retails for $2,199. The Pro Package can be added for $1,000, and Face Impact Technology can be added to units with the Pro Package for $500. At a total cost of $3,699, the FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package with Face Impact Technology offers all the functionality of similar products priced significantly higher. Visit for special PGA Show Week pricing.

“We are excited to be able to add Face Impact Location as an add-on to the FlightScope’s Mevo+ Pro Package, which truly provides golfers an incredible amount of information and feedback at a price point not seen before in the golf industry,” said Henri Johnson, Founder and CEO of FlightScope. “Golfers, instructors and club fitters now have the option to purchase a Mevo+ unit, upgrade to the Pro Package add-on option when they’re ready and then get even more information by adding Face Impact Location. Our top priority is always to add value for our customers, and we are confident we have done that with this latest upgrade option.”

The Mevo+ is an advanced indoor and outdoor tracking radar and golf simulator that offers 20 data parameters, ownership of golf course simulation and customizable skills challenges. The Mevo+ is a popular product in the launch monitor and simulator space and offers customers an accurate tracking device for practice and entertainment sessions.

The Pro Package add-on was launched last year and was made possible by the addition of FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology, previously only available in their top-of-the-line X3 model. The combination of 3D Doppler radar tracking and synchronized image processing equates to more accurate performance data, adding 11 additional data parameters and making it suitable for teaching professionals, players and club fitters.

Face Impact Location precisely captures the location of contact on the club face with every strike, giving teachers, fitters and golfers important impact information in addition to the data points captured with the Mevo+ Pro Package.

Additional upgrades to the Mevo+ 2023 Edition include:

- An improved kickstand that extends to the required 12 degrees tilt, the optimal positioning for accuracy and consistency

- An improved battery, offering up to three hours of use between charges

- FlightScope’s revamped PC software included with purchase

- Ownership of the FlightScope E6 Connect Bundle with 10 simulated golf courses - included with purchase for iOS and PC 

FlightScope is the industry leader and pioneer in tracking and analyzing sports performance data. Its products represent the pinnacle of tracking technology, enabling players and coaches to measure and analyze every aspect of performance data with unmatched accuracy. With accurate, performance-driven technology, FlightScope transforms the way the game of golf is analyzed and how players pursue game improvement. The company’s renowned products are trusted by a large and growing number of TOUR players, top teachers, and golfers around the world.

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