Thursday, January 19, 2023

Agustin Pizá, Brandel Chamblee Named Top 5 Visionaries

Pizá and Chamblee credit the innovative Butterfly Golf concept for this recognition

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized for their innovative award-winning multipurpose golf course concepts, is proud to announce today that the duo has been included in Golf Inc.’s 2023 Visionaries list.

Pizá and Chamblee claimed the fifth position in Golf Inc.’s exclusive and limited list of golf business professionals who are identified as visionaries. Those individuals that have helped the industry move forward through their visions.

“It is an absolute honor to be named Top-Five 2023 Visionary of the Year by Golf Inc. Magazine with my friend and partner, Brandel Chamblee. Together we are working to positively impact the golf world with our sustainable golf concepts like Butterfly Golf and small footprint projects like Wellness Golf® and Multipurpose Golf,” commented Agustin Pizá. “Being able to share this platform with golf business professionals who we admire is extraordinary; Don Rea, John Pugliese, Mike Zisman, and Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw. What a privilege! Let us keep our minds open and dare to be different.”

“Grateful to be included in this group along with Augie in Golf Inc’s Visionaries of 2023. It’s our hope that the project we are doing in Desertica, Mexico will influence the golf world with its four distinct six-hole golf loops and to be the first course built for women since Marion Hollins’ Woman’s National,” said Chamblee. “Augie’s concept is ingenious. The four-six-hole loops were designed to meet the ever-changing demands on time and to create a golf experience for different skill levels.”

The accolades for the four-six-hole loops coined, Butterfly Golf, contributed to this prestigious Golf Inc. recognition. According to Sam Thomas, Sustainable Golf – Developments Director at GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf. “Once we had walked through the concept of Butterfly Golf a few times with the Pizá Golf team, it became more and more evident to us the multiple benefits there were to be had. This was more with less in a way that we had not seen in a golf development before.” 

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