Tuesday, June 16, 2020

SQAIRZ Announces Partnership with Iconic Golfer Sir Nick Faldo

(WINDHAM, N.H.) – SQAIRZ, the first breakthrough performance golf shoe in generations, today announced a long-term partnership with legendary golfer Sir Nick Faldo. Extending beyond a traditional endorsement, Sir Nick is also investing in the company and will feature SQAIRZ in his 18 Pars Entertainment original series, “Faldo Formula.”

“We are thrilled to have Sir Nick join our SQAIRZ family,” said Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ founder and CEO. “His passion for the game is unmatched. He shares our vision that the golf swing is built from the ground up, and golf shoes should not only be comfortable, but they need to provide the balance, stability and ground connection to help golfers play their best.”

Faldo has long thought that golf shoes are an important part of any player’s equipment, because of the role they play in fostering balance and stability. As he wrote in “A Swing For Life”: “Good footwork is the mark of an accomplished player, and nowhere is the quality of the interaction you have with the ground more valuable than in the transition.”

Over the last decade, golf shoe designers have sacrificed performance in favor of the latest fashion trend. Recognizing the critical role of technology in shoe design, SQAIRZ delivers an unmatched connection to the ground. Engineered around a patented SQAIRZ toe that allows feet to sit naturally, the shoes promote proper positioning, efficient biomechanics, athletic balance and dynamic stability. With breakthrough engineering optimized for performance, SQAIRZ are equipment for your feet.

“These shoes are made for today’s golfer, who no longer need to sacrifice comfort for stability and balance - or the other way around,” Faldo said. “Over the course of an entire round, the difference is huge! I’m thrilled to help golfers discover SQAIRZ and understand what we’ve all been missing. Golf shoes are one of the only things we use for every single shot on the course and these will help your game.”

Faldo, a member of the CBS Golf broadcast team, won three Masters Tournaments, three Open Championships and more than 40 tournaments worldwide during his hall of fame career. In 1990, Faldo became the first international player to win the PGA of America’s “Player of the Year” award, and in 1997 was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. In 2009, Faldo was honored with Knighthood, becoming only the second professional golfer, after Sir Henry Cotton, to receive the honor.
For more information, visit sqairz.com.

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