Monday, March 16, 2020

El Cid Resorts Reassures Its Commitment with Sustainability

(Mazatlán, México) – El Cid Resorts is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Tourism, CODESIN (Sinaloa’s Economic Development Board), CONSELVA and the Mazatlán Hotel Association awarded its four hotels in Mazatlán for its outstanding engagement in the Good Sustainability Practices Implementation Program in Hotel Management and Operation in Mazatlan.

Fourteen hotels in Mazatlán that were part of this program won the “Sustainable Hotel” in-signia for their commitment in applying practices and methods for the benefit of the environment, awareness and training of their staff and guests, and for the improvement of their internal pro-cesses for the effective use of energy, water and gas. It shall be stressed that since 2015, El Cid Resorts has been awarded with this important insignia.

A special recognition was made during the award ceremony to the “El Cid’s Green Team” for being an outstanding advocate and great support to this important environmental project in Mazatlán.

El Cid Resorts implements in all its hotels the following sustainable actions:
• Energy, water and LP gas efficiency
• Use of biodegradable products
• Waste sorting
• Glass and plastic recycling
• Beach cleanup campaigns with staff and guest of El Cid Resorts every Friday
• Biodegradable, environmental and sustainable amenities in all rooms
• Compliance with the environmental legislation
• Implementation of an emission guideline for the reduction of carbon emissions
• Creation of a greenhouse gases reduction plan, etc.

4,057 rooms in Mazatlán, that is 32% of its hotel deals, fulfill these methods, representing a 10.4 million pesos saving in water, gas and energy. These programs position Mazatlán as an avant-garde destination, which exceeds national and international expectations providing green options for the environment.

It shall also be stated that for El Cid Resorts, sustainability is a conviction, not only an environmental legislation or a market trend.

Take as an example the area given by El Cid Resorts to jungles and mangroves in the Riviera Maya, accounting for a 75% of the total land integrating the Puerto Morelos Ecologic State Park Trust (180 ha), in addition to the most recent 23-ha voluntary donation for Mangrove Conservation, and the Environmental Handling Unit, Caribe Paradise Nursery, for the production of four mangle species (black, red, white and buttonwood).

El Cid Resorts in Riviera Maya has also implemented specialized infrastructure such as the sewage plant with the purpose to reverse possible damages to groundwater reserves, as well as integral programs for waste handling such as pet and can recycling, removal of straws, and special attention and protection of local threatened wildlife such as the Sea Turtle with special conservation programs.

Today, travelers search for environmentally friendly accommodations and services, thus sustainable development is essential for tourism not only in Mazatlan, but throughout the country. This important award undoubtedly gives El Cid Resorts a great competitive advantage.

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