Friday, July 31, 2015

Product Review: Cure RX2 Putter

Customization and proper fitting are extremely popular in today’s golf industry. Off-the-rack drivers offer multiple, easy-to-adjust lofts and face angles, while countless charts and graphs will help you determine whether you’re playing the right ball for your game (as opposed to blindly trusting what Tour players are playing).

Considering how important putting is to going low, Cure Putters may offer the most critical piece of equipment available - the RX2. The ideal fit for your individual stroke is fairly easy to achieve with the RX2’s wide range of weight and lie adjustability.

Upon arrival, the first thing I adjusted was the lie. By loosening a few screws on the bottom and back of the putter, I was able to match my ideal angle. With an adjustable lie angle between 62 and 80 degrees, both upright and flat strokes are accounted for.

Easy, right? Adjusting the weight is just as simple. The RX2 comes with eight weights - four aluminum and four stainless steel (two 1/8” and 1/4” each). Remove the two screws on the back and add or subtract weight, accordingly. Weight ranges from 371 grams with no added weights to 512 grams with one of each. An extended weight kit can also be purchased. Cure suggests putting with the most weight within your comfort zone. This adds to the MOI and reduces the effects of off-center hits.

Want even more versatility? How about easily swapping shafts to turn a right-handed putter into a lefty? Try doing that with anything outside the ancient Bullseye putter.

Other features of the RX2 include:
* Higher Center of Gravity
* Lower loft
* Deeper face

The lower loft and deeper face impact the ball at the equator, which virtually eliminates backspin and creates a lower, more consistent launch angle and quicker, tighter forward roll. In other words ... No more skidding off the club face. The ball gets on its intended line sooner.

One thing I needed to research a bit was Deane Beman's “Triangulation Alignment System,” which Cure says provides “greater accuracy and consistency.” The former PGA Tour commissioner - a very good player over his amateur and professional careers - wasn’t making as many putts as before and didn’t think it had to do with his stroke or ability to read the greens. The Triangulation Alignment System (at address, the ball and two weights form a triangle) greatly assisted with properly aiming at the target.

A good read, followed by a good stroke with good speed could still be missed with poor aim. Frustrating, but the Triangulation Alignment System is designed to assist with your eyes and putter face agreeing on the correct line.

The RX2 is a unique putter. It’s unlike many of the popular putters on the market today, but not gimmicky. The feel of the ball leaving the club face is silky soft and, though the RX2 is a blade design, it provides many of the benefits of a mallet.

There may not be a more-polarizing club than the putter. Like anything else, what works for one player, may not work for another. You need to be able to look down at the ball and feel as though you’ve already made the putt. With no confidence in your “flat stick,” this is easier said than done.

If you’re unhappy with your current putter, you owe it to yourself to take the Cure RX2 out for a test drive. If you like the look and trust the feel, you may have found yourself a new best friend on the course.

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