Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Product Review: Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoe

Let the revolution begin ... Nike Lunar Control II golf shoes have fired the first shot.

In the past, if you wanted supreme stability, you needed to wear a heavy, often-bulky shoe. Nike Golf has changed that in an amazing way.

A power platform and springy, resilient Lunarlon cushioning brings stability and comfort to the course. The Lunar Control II utilizes “power transfer zone technology,” which helps create a smoother transition from backswing to impact.

Some of the features of the Lunar Control II include:
* Flywire technology for ultra-lightweight support and comfort
* Lunarlon cushioning in heel creates incredible comfort
* Ultra-lightweight, springy Lunarlon cushioning for soft yet supportive shock absorption
* Next-generation Nike Power Platform stabilizes the foot to offer better balance, smoother weight transfer and more power through impact
* Waterproof performance leather for durability and protection from the elements
* Nike Power Transfer Zone for a smooth transfer of power at impact
* Champ’s Zarma Spikes with Tri-Lok system for excellent traction

Let’s not overlook that last feature - Champ’s Zarma Spikes. Champ makes the best spikes in the world, regardless of sport. What good is the upper’s stability if you’re losing control at the base? The Lunar Control II has both critical areas covered.

At the heart of it all, Nike is a footwear company. Legendary runner Steve Prefontaine, Nike CEO Phil Knight and their coach (and Nike co-founder) Bill Bowerman, knew what it took to create performance shoes. While technology has certainly taken the industry to much-greater heights than those in the 1970s ever dreamed of, the foundation was in place and provides a telling footnote today’s product.

If there is a cleated golf shoe that comes close to the lightweight stability of the Lunar Control II, I have not seen it. While one battle does not win a war, Nike Golf has taken the high ground and is looking down at its competition.

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