Sunday, December 9, 2012

Product Review: Loudmouth Golf

Tired of wading through a sea of khaki? Grown weary of being lost among the droves of plain, boring shades of gray? Ask Santa for something different this holiday season. Shout it from the top of the Christmas tree ... I want Loudmouth Golf!

Let’s review your year on the golf course. Busy schedule left you with little time to play, let alone practice. When you carve out a few hours, you head straight to the first tee ... skipping the range. That’s great time management, but does little to improve your game. Cut to the finish ... Your game doesn’t stand out, but you can.

Fast forward to the mall. A grown man sitting on Santa’s lap is sure to turn heads. You ask St. Nick for longer drives. He can’t do it. You ask him to cut out your three putts. No. Up and down from the bunkers? Stop! A pair of pants from Loudmouth? That, he can do.

But why stop at pants? Did you know Loudmouth made shirts, shorts, socks and even belts? Heck, pair your new pants with a matching sport coat! Take your next club championship or member-guest to another level, regardless of your score.

Now for the details: Loudmouth printed and striped pants are a blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The company calls them “summer poplin.” Their plaid and patchwork pants are 100% cotton. All fit like khakis. They do offer another fit, however. The Par Fives (J Cut) have a similar fit to Levi 505 jeans and feature five pockets with rivets and also a riveted button. They sit lower on the waist and are tapered down the legs for a slimmer fit.

Your golf closet is now full of style. What about the rest of your life? Demand style at the beach or on the mountain, too. Loudmouth offers t-shirts, swim trunks, snow pants, sunglasses, neckties, etc. We could go on and on. Women’s and kids, as well. Check out everything the company has at

American Golfer Recommendation: Loudmouth golf pants are for anyone who wants to showcase their personality on the course. They’re (over)loaded with style and as comfortable as anything on the market.

While the fuddy-duddy down the street may not feel comfortable with such spice, he’s probably not in your foursome. Let him wallow in dull, vanilla gear while you play loud and proud.

Make sure Santa is listening, so scream at the top of your lungs, “I WANT LOUDMOUTH GOLF FOR CHRISTMAS!”


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