Monday, December 19, 2011

Product Review: HIRZL Gloves

Tick tock ... tick tock. The clock is ticking and time is running out to stuff stockings and finish shopping for gifts under the tree. Let’s not forget about the gift exchanges.

What’s better than a last-minute gift idea for under $25? Three gift ideas for under $25!

HIRZL steps in the save Christmas with the Trust Feel, Trust Control and Soffft Flex golf gloves.

According to HIRZL, being skilled on the green isn’t just about having a great technique or chalking up lots of experience. It’s also about having the very best kit to support you.

Ken Venturi used to endorse a product with mention of slippage of even a fraction of an inch sending shots 20+ yards off line. That math certainly holds true for the golf glove you choose to wear.

“Your glove provides the only direct connection between you and your club, directly impacting your grip, the reliability of your swing and the overall quality of your game,” the HIRZL website states. “Now, for the first time, the golf community has gloves designed to overcome the well-known weaknesses inherent in other glove brands. We’re making sweaty palms, inferior bad-weather control and gloves that crack and tear after just a few rounds history.”

Compared to other gloves, the Trust Feel offers twice the grip in dry weather and four times the grip in wet weather. Amazing, but the Trust Control goes beyond that - three times the grip in dry weather and five times the grip in wet weather. Both offer a 100-percent  sweat-free palm.

“As a medium to high handicap player, you want to be able to effortlessly maintain a firm grip in order to achieve longer shots and improve your control over the ball’s direction, leading to fewer poor shots,” HIRZL says. “Our TRUST Control gloves with thicker, more structured palm leather are perfect for you.

“If you are a more seasoned or lower handicap golfer, you want to be able to really feel every swing, but still take control with a glove that gives you optimum grip,” HIRZL adds. “Then the TRUST Feel all-weather golf glove is the ideal model for you, offering a thinner palm to deliver an unsurpassed golfing experience.”

Both gloves look and feel great. Want a surprise? Both are made from kangaroo leather, mate. The Control is textured, while the Feel ultra-thin.

Kangaroo skin sounds good, but you’re used to reading the words “cabretta leather” on your golf glove packages. No worries. HIRZL’s Soffft Flex fills that need.

“For the world’s top players, cabretta leather gloves are the Gold Standard,” HIRZL says. “All SOFFFT Flex gloves are hand-crafted and are produced with the highest-quality Platinum Cabretta, undergoing no less than 72 separate manufacturing steps. Thanks to the revolutionary HIRZL SOFFFT technology – which includes an extremely complex tanning process – our gloves will always offer you the perfect fit, remain supple and grip your club perfectly.”

Get to a store today (find a list of dealers who sell HIRZL at and finish your holiday shopping in style. The golfer on your shopping list will thank you with more accurate shots and lower scores.


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