Sunday, December 4, 2011

Product Review: Sundog Draw Mela-Lens

Sundog Draw Mela-Lens

Years ago, when I first attempted to wear sunglasses on the golf course, the experiment ended in absolute failure. While they were uncomfortable and slipped on my face once I began to sweat, the biggest problem was the lens. As I walked down the fairway, it seemed as if my next step was going to be downhill. It isn’t hard to imagine how difficult that made addressing the golf ball for a good swing. 
Times have certainly changed.
Sundog Eyewear - backed by a stable of the world’s best golfers such as Paula Creamer, Hunter Mahan, Louis Oosthuizen and Mike Weir - has taken sunglass technology to the next level. Professionals treat sunglasses as equipment to optimize vision, and so can amateurs. 
American Golfer recently took the Sundog Draw Mela-Lens out for a test drive. The eight-base distortion-free PC lens eliminate the uneasy feeling of stepping off a cliff or trying to hit “moving” target. The MaxFlex RILSAN Frame and Megol Temple Tips make the Draw light and comfortable, while the Metal Core Adjustable Megol Nose Pad provide a custom fit that won’t slip.
Sunglasses, by name, are made for sunny days. It doesn’t take research to know the Sundog Draws will cut sun glare. What some may not consider, however, is how effective they can be on an overcast day. Don’t take our word for it ... test them yourself.  The pros use them to clarify their surroundings (read the greens with greater accuracy) and so can you.
The Draws retail for $74 and come with a free soft case that will fit nicely into a Christmas stocking, hung for Santa Claus to fill, but add an Agent Case for $19.99. Not only sleek, but this case will protect your Sundogs when you slip them in your golf bag. These are must-have equipment for an edge on the golf course.
For the ladies looking to take performance off the golf course, how about Creamer’s Freestyle Mela-Lens? These stylish sunglasses feature De-Centered Mela-Lens and Monel Nickel Free Frame. The Uni-Fit Adjustable Nose Pads work on any face and the Comfort-Fit temple tips feel good for hours on end. The Freestyles retail for $90.
Bottom line on the Freestyle Mela-Lens: Form and function meet fashion ... just as Paula Creamer does.
For more information on these golf-specific sunglasses or to see the many options within the category, visit Sundog also offers sunglasses for running, cycling and fishing.

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