Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort Enhances Golf Experience with Cobra Performance Center

A golf experience unlike any other in Latin America for golf enthusiasts and beginners

(Rio Hato, Panama) – The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, set within the Buenaventura resort community among lush, tropical gardens by the Pacific Ocean, offers a one-of-a-kind golf experience for advanced players, as well as beginners, with the only Cobra Performance Center in Latin America. Available to guests of The Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort, the hotel is offering a Golf & Spa package starting at $399 per night, which includes unlimited golf per day and a spa treatment for two.

The centerpiece of the Buenaventura golf course is the ultra-advanced, Cobra Performance Center where players dissect every stroke and design a plan to improve their game through technology that tracks movement from shoulder to feet, by using body sensors that determine point of gravity and tracks their stroke. The GEARS technology within the center includes high-speed cameras, calibration tools, suits, markers and club mounts – all of which determine the range of motion. Players can learn and perfect their swing as the technology gathers data in 3D with more than 600 images per swing and analyzes their full body position along with the swing’s path, impact location, club head speed and much more. The training takes an hour and a half with instructors providing feedback on how to make the best of the data.

“The Cobra Performance Center is what makes the experience at our golf course so unique,” said Miguel Marin Casero, director of golf and PGA professional.  “The body sensors replicate the body movements and the GEARS technology provides hard data measuring the entire swing as it unfolds, helping players improve their swing to make that perfect golf shot.”

The breathtaking 18-hole Nicklaus-design par-72 championship course is home to one of the only two in Panama and is managed by the world’s largest golf management company, Troon.  Designed within a seaside community, the Buenaventura’s golf course incorporates the surrounding water and lush environment within its 123 acres. With more than 110 unique water bunkers set around the course and 300 mature Corotu trees strategically placed throughout the landscape, the golf course provides both a stunning atmosphere and a challenging game. Players who appreciate a difficult hole will enjoy the course’s signature hole 16, which is set between two, large Corotu trees that are difficult to maneuver. Golfers wanting to perfect their skills can take advantage of the driving range with plenty of spots to hit from natural grass along with a short game, chipping and putting green for practicing in between games.

After training, players can relax at the club house, a repurposed and luxuriously upgraded stable once used for the community’s horses. Food, drinks, and wine are available at the club house’s Hoyo 19 snack bar.

Recently named ‘Best Golf Couse in Panama’ by Golf Digest, the Buenaventura golf course also provides a Kids Clinic on weekends to help introduce children to the game or help them improve their game. The golf clinic designed for children ages four to 18 includes golf fundamentals from six important aspects: grip, stance, alignment, posture, ball position and dynamics and also introduces rules and etiquette and a variety of golf skills.

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