Monday, February 12, 2018

PGA Pros React to Controversial Montana Golf Rule

(NEWS) - CBS news in Bozeman did another story about the "no-spectator" golf rule.

This one explores how the golf pros in Montana feel about the High School Association (MHSA) continuing to forbid parents - and potential college recruiters - from watching student-athletes play golf, despite how the pros voted 31 out of 34 to overturn that archaic rule.

Check out the golf pro's reactions here (or above):

Note: Brian Michelotti (MHSA assist. director) says that one of the big reasons they have this rule is because the golf pros in Montana want it. (At the 1:24 minute mark) However, shortly after the Montana pros voted (with landslide results) to overturn the rule, Michelotti circulated a memo stating that the MHSA will continue to enforce the bad rule anyway.

Sign the petition to overturn the rule HERE.

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