Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Product Review: Sound Caddy

Sound Caddy fits nicely in your bag or golf cart
Few sports have evolved quite like golf. From balls stuffed with feathers and shafts made of hickory, to balata balls and metal heads, to today’s incredible technology that actually has many discussing a distance roll-back … Golf is in a never-ending transition.

Control on unit or from smartphone
Much like equipment, etiquette has changed over the years. Time-crunched golfers now practice “ready golf” and the USGA even allows players to putt with the pin in.

So where does music fall into the sport? Some old school aficionados are quick to say no, while others have embraced a little sound on the course. I fall into the latter half and have stumbled upon the perfect accessory - Sound Caddy.

Sound Caddy is a bluetooth speaker designed specifically for golfers. It looks like a driver and fits neatly in your bag like a club. You may be tempted to actually hit a golf ball with the Sound Caddy, but don’t. While it looks like a club (head, shaft and grip) and is rugged enough to withstand normal mixing and mingling with other clubs in your bag, the company warranty does not cover stupidity.

We took informal polls in a golf-specific forum on Facebook and and in the +Google Golf Community. The opinions about music on the course were mixed, as you can imagine. Some said it’s acceptable for the driving range, but not the course. Others just want peace and quiet while playing. While another segment was all in favor of the Sound Caddy, on or off the course.

Terrific sound quality
One viewpoint I didn’t consider was the rhythmic benefits of music. Someone responded that a former instructor would teach the game with “The Blue Danube” playing on a stereo. I doubt many of us are listening to waltzes these days, but you certainly could with the Sound Caddy.

Some specifics about the Sound Caddy:
Play from your bag in the form of a club or detach the head and place inside the cart;
15+ hours of playtime;
Dual USB ports to charge two phones while on the course;
Control from your smartphone or on the Sound Caddy head;
Two premium drivers and a specially tuned and ported bass radiator deliver more efficient energy use as well as a deep and clear sound that exceeds expectations; and
It’s weatherproof - holding up to spills, splashes and rain.

Note: Weatherproof is NOT waterproof … Don’t throw the Sound Caddy in a lake. Remember the “stupidity” clause in the warranty?

Dual USB ports for charging devices
From a practical standpoint, the sound quality is incredible, but my favorite feature is the ability to charge my iPhone while on the course. There are so many golf apps on phones these days and they all drain the battery. No more concerns about that with the Sound Caddy.

Pro tip: Before playing music, check with your playing partners to make sure they’re on board with it. Also, do your best to keep the volume at a respectable level.

Times are changing and golf is changing right along with it.

Sound Caddy sells for $129. Learn more at www.soundcaddygolf.com.

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