Thursday, February 15, 2018

Adv3nture Jackets: Travel in Style - Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

(KICKSTARTER) - Built to make traveling more enjoyable, but so comfortable, you'll want to wear Adv3nture Jackets every day. The everyday travel hoodie, tactical full-zip fleece, waterproof windbreaker and performance parka all have amazing innovations, are premium quality, but they also integrate into each other. When traveling, it's tough to be able to pick two or three jackets that will work in any weather you'll experience. That's why these garments work with each other. When you combine them, you get the benefits of both.

For example: The hoodie is great for the plane. The windbreaker is great for a rainy day. But what if it gets unexpectedly cold and rainy? No problem. Zip the hoodie into the windbreaker for an insulated, waterproof jacket.

Founded by Zane Lamprey (host of of travel shows on National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel & Food Network), Adv3nture creates premium apparel for outdoor enthusiast who love to travel. This company was born on Kickstarter and, as it continues to grow, they still launch new products here with an amazing community of backers.

Like the Adv3nture Hoodie, that was backed by more than 13,000 people here Kickstarter, the new Voyageurs Hoodie and all Adv3nture Jackets are loaded with incredible innovations and plenty of features that you'll love every day. The premium garments are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure that they are durable and comfortable and enhance your journey, whether you're traveling around the corner or around the world. Your Adv3nture Jackets are perfect for any season, and will be the perfect companion on your trip. But, they are destined to be your go-to jackets for every day use.

One of the cool innovations is the pillow conversion. Adv3nture created the first hoodie/jacket to covert into pillows, and the company is very excited about their new-and-improved pillow conversion. All of the hoodies and jackets convert into pillows in the same way - through a microfleece-lined inside pocket. Imagine using your Adv3nture pillow on a flight, as a passenger in a car, or staring up at the stars. It's so comfortable.

Become a backer of this project and pick a reward. It's that easy.

You will essentially be pre-ordering one of the jackets. By getting your jackets here, you'll get a special backer discount, and you'll receive your apparel before it is available in stores.

After the campaign, you will be sent a survey, where you will tell us the style(s), size(s) and color(s) that you would like, as well as your shipping info. At that point, you will also be able to add onto your order. It will all make sense when you get your e-mailed survey. Just make sure the e-mail address associated with your Kickstarter is one you check often.

Donate as little as $10 and you'll be making an impact. That donation will plant one tree. You will also be added to the mailing list for tree planting events and happenings. These events/celebrations will be limited to a specific number of participants and you will have priority before we open it to the general public. Other levels of donations earn apparel before it's available in stores, while also planting three trees.

Watch videos, get involved and learn more about Adv3nture Jackets HERE.

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