Friday, February 3, 2017

Product Review: Craftsman Headcovers

What’s old is new again.

When I started playing golf, headcovers were yarn with a little puff on top. Well before that, they were leather. I remember my grandfather having leather covers on his persimmon woods. Well, thanks to companies like Craftsman Golf, you can enjoy the wonders of synthetic leather on your clubs.

Utility Cover
That said, these are not your grandfather’s headcovers. These are so much nicer. For one, the synthetic leather is much more durable - able to hold up to damage from whatever Mother Nature throws at them, rain or shine.

Also, try getting one of today’s 460 cc driver’s into the same headcover your grandfather used in the 60s. Not gonna happen!

And you likely paid some pretty pennies for those medal woods. When you’re not beating balls, you want your clubs to be pampered. The Craftsman Golf headcovers are lined with a soft padding.

What your grandfather didn’t see ... iron headcovers. Choose from synthetic leather or ultra-soft neoprene. The 10-piece sets are 3-PW, while a 12-piece option offers two LWs.

Putter Covers
Today’s irons sets often offer the 3 and 4 irons in hybrids. Craftsman Golf has utility covers, as well. Utility covers allow you to dial-in what clubs lies beneath - 2, 3, 4 or UT.

So, your driver, metal woods, hybrids and irons are all covered. What am I missing? Oh yeah ... putters. Craftsman Golf offers both blade and mallet covers. The mallets have a magnetic closure, while the blades have either magnetic or “hook-and-loop” closure (code name for the common term that starts with “v” and ends in “o”).

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