Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Product Review: Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 Shoe

I’ve been guilty of looking past Skechers golf shoes. While I’m far from a buttoned-down conservative, what I knew of the brand seemed too casual. When I’m wearing pants on the golf course, I don’t like wearing (what look like) running shoes. Then I saw the Go Golf Pro 2 shoes and was pleasantly surprised.

What makes the Go Golf Pro 2 different? I think it’s the traditional appearance, with a nod toward today’s comfort. Skechers uses the company’s 5GEN midsole in the shoes ... same “shock absorbers” as in their running shoes.

As for support, the low-profile shoe comes complete with slight mid-foot rigidity to provide stability and a solid base.

The leather upper features Skechers’ H2GO Shield seam-sealed waterproof design ... perfect for playing in wet conditions.

Considering the golf shoe is the only thing connecting you to the ground, maximum grip is needed throughout the swing. Skechers’ diamond-design traction plate outsole and Softspikes Pulsar replaceable turf cleats keep you in place even when you dig a little deeper and go for added yards.

Whether you walk or ride, you need a comfortable shoe that will provide a stable base and keep you securely grounded. The Go Golf Pro 2 checks all those boxes and looks great in the process.

Give the shoe a try. Matt Kuchar, with seven wins on the PGA TOUR and bronze medal to his credit, wears them.

The Go Golf Pro 2 retails for $150. Check them out, and other styles, at www.skechers.com.

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