Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Penley Introduces the Next Evolution of Its Energy Transfer Accelerance Design

Penley Golf Shafts announced the latest addition to their handcrafted ET shaft line – the 'QUASAR ET3'

(San Diego, CA) - Part of the ETA (Energy Transfer Accelerance) family, The QUASAR ET3 Shaft is an expansion of its predecessor, the Tour-proven ET2 and designed to benefit a wide range of players at all levels of play – including the Touring Pro, while maintaining all the benefits of superior Feel, Control, Distance and Accuracy the original ET2 shaft was designed for. Additionally, the QUASAR shaft utilizes Penley’s proprietary TBAR Algorithm and Penley’s ZONE FLEX CHARACTERIZATION resulting in a shaft design that gives the player a softer feeling, more forgiving shaft feel with tighter dispersion with less compounding of miss-hits, which means more drives stay in the fairway.

“Penley has always been known for a consistent, high quality golf shaft and we are excited to announce the latest design – the QUASAR ET3,” the company writes.

“With Penleys QUASAR shaft, players will experience incredible consistency, accuracy, and with Penleys TBAR and Zone Flex Characterization implementation – expect tighter dispersion with less compounding of miss-hits which means more drives stay in the Fairway. Players can expect Penley’s QUASAR shaft to deliver incredible consistency, accuracy and control to take their golf game to the next level.”

Along with the Signature Sleeve and Rings Penley shafts are recognized for, The QUASAR ET3 continues the Penley tradition and pays homage to the original ETA –while maintaining its own identity - the QUASAR ET3 shaft features a custom silver coat made especially for Penley with Metallic Blue sleeve and rings.

The QUASAR ET3 is scheduled for release in late February 2017 and will be available in R, S and X flexes with a retail price of $249.00.

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