Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bag Boy Launches New Generation of Bag-to-Cart Attachment System, TOP-LOK Technology

(Richmond, VA) – The Bag Boy Company, has been engineering a new bag-to-cart attachment system, TOP-LOK Technology, on new 2017 models of certain Bag Boy carts and bags. These products, along with the new TOP-LOK Technology attachment system was revealed at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida January 25-27.  
TOP-LOK Technology is an innovative bag-to-cart attachment system designed to securely lock a Bag Boy bag onto a Bag Boy push cart. “This patented design prevents the bag from twisting or turning, eliminating the need for cart straps,” said Pat Gallagher, Product Manager for Bag Boy. “We wanted to create a secure attachment that was lacking in the traditional brackets and straps method. The benefit with TOP-LOK is your bag will no longer twist and turn, requiring readjustment in the middle of your round.”

TOP-LOK works by opening the upper bag bracket paddles on the Bag Boy push cart. Then lift up the Bag Boy bag and slide it from the top down into the upper cart bracket. That's it! The patented design of the TOP-LOK bag bracket fits like a puzzle piece into the cart's upper bag bracket.

The newest models of the Bag Boy push carts (2016+), the Tri Swivel II, Compact 3 and Quad XL, and bags (2017+) Chiller Cart Bag and Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag, include the patented TOP-LOK Technology. Any cart or stand bag can fit on a newer Bag Boy push cart with TOP-LOK, however the traditional bracket and straps would need to be used.

TOP-LOK Technology is only on BAG BOY products, which can be purchased at your local pro shop that carries BAG BOY products: or an online retailer:

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