Monday, February 13, 2017

Introducing: High Side Golf

(RELEASE) - At High Side Golf, we believe that the every golfer should be treated like a TOUR Pro. We deliver premium quality golf essentials at the convenience of a sponsored professional - right to your doorstep, according to your budget and to your schedule. All for a lower price than the average retail store.

Subscribe for a repeated delivery, order just once, or proudly wear our top of the line gear to show others why you belong on the High Side. After your first box, you won't believe you ever purchased golf equipment any other way.

Customize: What balls? How many? No balls? I need gloves. I'm always running out of tees! At High Side, your box can contain any combination of the essentials you need each month.

Control: You have complete control over your subscription. Every month, every other month, twice a year, you set the schedule. Free to cancel at any time!

Links Lifestyle: New to the High Side? Wear it with pride! Available in our One Time Shop: Hats, towels, head covers, gloves, koozies - you name it - will have you impressing others on the course all while being the constant reminder to keep your game on the Pro Side.

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