Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What is BirdieBall?

(RELEASE) - The BirdieBall is a limited flight practice golf ball that looks like a “napkin ring” but flies exactly like a golf ball but for a shorter distance of about 40 yards. The BirdieBall helps people effectively practice their golf swing and shot mechanics away from the golf course or driving range.

The BirdieBall is engineered to spin like a golf ball, as a result it flies like a golf ball but for a short distance with an exceptional hang-time. It's perfect for use at the park or in the backyard and can be hit back and forth with a partner.

For years, whiffle balls and foam balls were the only choice for people looking to work on their swing away from the course. Anyone hitting either of these choices knows how woefully inadequate they feel and fly. Conversely the birdieball feels heavy on the club face and will hook, slice, draw and fade just like a real golf ball.

"When you hit a BirdieBall well you know it immediately” says founder and president John Breaker. "First you feel it on the clubface, second you hear the unmistakable sound of a low turbine hum and third you can watch the ball flight to understand the path and plane of your golf swing.”

The birdie ball is made of a high-density polymeric ring and is virtually indestructible.

Since it was introduced in 2004, the BirdieBall has won the prestigious “Best New Product” Award at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show and is being used as the primary teaching method in over 7,000 schools, grade school through university worldwide. BirdieBall short golf courses are in the works as are BirdieBall entertainment facilities. With over 7 Million sold, the BirdieBall has proven a great partner in the golf industries gowth of the game objectives.

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