Sunday, March 20, 2016

Product Review: Amino Vital

Am I alone in treating golf like a fitness activity?

Imagine going to the gym or on a long run without stretching beforehand. Or not hydrating before, during and after. Your performance would suffer. The same holds true on the golf course.

While my days of competitive golf are behind me, I still want to play to the best of my ability. Pre-round preparation has expanded from basic stretches to including fuel for the high-performance machine (my body). I used to down a sports drink, but most have way too much sugar (real or artificial) or caffeine. That will lead to a spike and a crash - neither of which are good for the game over 18 holes.

I began looking for a better alternative and found Amino Vital. An amino acid-based nutrition system, Amino Vital is designed to improve energy, focus, endurance and recovery. That adds up to seriously beneficial fuel.

Amino Vital is a four-part system: Fast Charge, Focus Zone, Pro-E and Pro-R.

Fast Charge - The amino acids are absorbed quickly and improve stamina, delay fatigue and support active muscle repair during your round. Designed to be consumed as a dry formula - no mixing required - it can be a bit grainy, but the flavors (berry, lemon, grape and orange) are delicious. I was unsure of the texture at first, but now wash it down with a couple gulps of water and enjoy almost-instant and lasting energy.

Focus Zone - Like the name implies, the amino acids in this mix are infused with electrolytes to assist with maintaining focus and energy. The water I drank from the bottle to wash down Fast Charge left an ideal amount of space in which to pour this powder. Sip throughout the front nine and reload at the turn to keep your mind on the game.

Pro-E - My home course is extremely hilly and I prefer to walk and carry my clubs. Leaving the 15th tee, I’m faced with a steep incline to reach the fairway. This is the point where I’m really glad I used Pro-E to reduce muscle soreness while traversing the obstacle course called Mayfield Country Club. Less fatigue and more stamina combine to make the last four holes as enjoyable as the first 14.

Pro-R - Last, but certainly not least at my age, is the need to recover from any physical activity, whether it’s the gym or a round of golf. Pro-R helps with muscle recovery, which allows me to function the day after any intense workout. If you’re like me, you enjoy a little “pain” after pushing yourself. It tells me I had a good workout. What I don’t like is that pain keeping me from my next workout ... or round of golf.

I know I’m not alone in treating golf like a fitness activity and I know every golfer (and athlete) wants to perform at his/her peak. For added energy, focus, endurance and recovery, check out

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